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Gulf State Group of Companies is consisted of, Gulf States Construction Company, and Gulf States Logistic Services Company. The intent of creating such a diverse yet synergized group of companies was to specialize in various engineering and logistics fields and integrate each individual competence in the group’s general core competencies. Gulf States Group of Company as the parent company of the group with expertise in development, project management, construction, engineering and logistics is in charge of the overall management of the group. Gulf States Group of Companies and its subsidiaries will complete your project on time, on budget and at the highest total value for your money

Gulf States Group of Companies (GSGC) stands apart from our competitors due to our team of talented, experienced individuals. Our core philosophy is our unwavering commitment to extraordinary performance for our clients. We manage our businesses and activities around the growing needs of our clients. Focusing on the future by embracing innovative new methods is the driving force behind GSGC’s position as the market leader. GSGC’s expertise in the area of engineering, logistics, water, environment & energy, has ideally suited us to grow in other, related capacities. With that in mind, GSGC has started engineering services through the development of an expert technical team and contemporary, fully-equipped expats. We can offer services in engineering, and logistic services using our professional, knowledgeable teams of technical experts. GSGC is committed to ecologically minded practices in the development and execution of our services. Whether we are Building facilities working through Waste Water Treatment, Water Resource Management and Geotechnical Engineering, we are dedicated to protecting the environment. We are committed to safety above all else, and this commitment is central to everything we do. Our practical and proactive approach creates value for our customers and safeguards our most important asset: our employees. I’d like to give a final note of thanks to our partners for their important contributions to GSGC during the past decade and their continued involvement in the coming years. I would also like to thank our council members and our staff for their dedication and contribution to our learning and work, and look forward with great anticipation to 2021 and beyond.

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